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Welcome to the ASPR Fusion Roundtable!

This site is hosted by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response's (ASPR) Fusion Cell. Fusion is the data and analytics arm of ASPR.

This community is a public forum for state, local, tribal, territorial, federal, and private sector stakeholders to discuss and share individual ideas about public health situational awareness, emerging technologies, novel data sources for public health, and innovative data sharing and collaboration. The purpose of the roundtable is for individuals to share individual insights that will help innovate the field of public health emergency information sharing. We will regularly add new featured campaigns and discussion topics. Be sure to visit often!

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Featured Campaign: INNOVATIONS IN DATA SHARING The ASPR Fusion Roundtable administrators are excited to announce our second discussion topic which will focus on data sharing in the public health emergency field. There are an array of pros and cons associated with data sharing in today’s world. Collaboration and sharing can prevent a duplication of efforts and result in more timely and complete data. Advances in technology and connectivity have made the ability to share data easier than ever but that often comes with its own set of complications. We are interested to hear how and what tools and technologies other groups are using to get key timely data, innovatively share information, and what road-blocks you may have run into in your quest for more information.

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